Assignment 2 – Light Painting



Lab 7 – Save the Pixels


5993 - 170322.jpg5996 - 170322.jpg5995 - 170322.jpg

Out of the three images I believe the overexposed image is the most flattering in terms of lighting because if flats out the face and unifies its colour.


5998 - 170322.jpg

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 09.46.00Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 09.45.31

There is quite a lot more noise in the underexposed image that is mostly visible in the slightly out of focus areas such as the ear.


6001 - 170322.jpg

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 10.05.01


Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 10.04.14


The largest differences between both screen shots at 100% are that the jpeg screenshot is generally a bit softer even when it was shot at the same settings as the RAW shot. This is especially seen in the nose.




Lab 5 – Noise Reduction

12.0sec @ f/9 ISO 100 low NR22.0sec @ f/9 ISO 100 Medium NR32.0sec @ f/9 ISO 100 High NR


The first image is slightly sharper and has a tad more noise than the other images. The noise reduction and softness of the image is even apparent at a very low ISO.


51/4 sec @ f/9 ISO 800 low NR61/4sec @ f/9 ISO 800 Medium NR71/4sec @ f/9 ISO 800 High NR

The difference in noise reduction between low and medium is not as apparent as the difference between high and low. There’s quite a bit of noise being reduced especially in the shadow area.


91/30 sec @ f/9 ISO 3200 low NR101/30 sec @ f/9 ISO 3200 Medium NR111/30 sec @ f/9 ISO 3200 High NR

The noise reduction is the most apparent in this set of images where you can see blotches of noise being reduced by the system. Also, there isn’t much detail being lost between the high noise reduction and the low. As a final thought, I would most likely use noise reduction because of how much improvement it does to the images.

Assignment 1


Night Scene



4867-Manual-¹⁄₁₀ sec at ƒ - 3.5-ISO 1600.jpg



5563 - 170214.jpg




My overall experience with taking the images was quite entertaining. Personally, I enjoyed taking the portrait because I was warm and cozy indoors (when I shot the picture) and with a friend walking around Montreal looking for places to shoot. I believe in the portrait I took the image with the outline in mind by using my lowest aperture and a shallower depth of field in order to isolate my subject from the background. This also applies to the night shot where I used the stars as a focal point and was lucky enough to have some clouds that created a ghosting effect because of the long aperture. For my panning object I tried to shoot as low a shutter speed as I could in the bright conditions, but the background would even then remain a bit in tact. For my cityscape, I went up to Mont Royal without a tripod but was lucky enough to have my back mixed with the cement in order to make a quick DIY tripod that let me manage to take the cityscape.



















Lab 3 – Lens3s

5273-1702085266-170208As can be seen, the background of the image with the longer focal length appears much closer and out focus. It’s also much flatter than the picture shot with the shorter focal length.

Lens Used: 55-300 f4.5 (@ 55mm and 300mm)5289-1702085291-1702085293-170208The faces and bodies appear slightly longer with the shorter focal length, compared to the longer one.

Lens Used: 55-300 f4.5/5.6 (@ 55mm, 135mm, & 200mm)

5307-1702085308-1702085309-1702085310-1702085311-1702085312-170208Lens Used: 55-300 f4.5 (@focal length of 55mm)

One of the main differences in the images is the sharpness depending on the aperture. This is because the lens has a sweet spot around f/11 and that is the sharpest image of them all. The difference can be seen at the corners in the detail of the “16:9” at a magnification of 100%. Therefore, when the aperture is raised higher, the detail begins to deteriorate.

5313-1702085314-1702085315-1702085316-1702085317-1702085318-170208Lens Used: 55-300 f4.5 (@focal length of 200mm)

A similar problem is being presented here in these images. There’s a certain sweet spot of f8 or f11 where the most amount of detail and sharpness can be seen. Anything lower or higher begins to lose that detail.


With the same aperture one can see the focal length changing how in focus the little piece of tape is behind the mannequin.

Lens Used: 55-300 f4.5/5.6 (@ 55mm, 135mm, & 200mm)